Payment and Course Duration

Payment is made via a debit or credit card, bank transfer, childcare vouchures or cash direct to your teacher.

Mastering swimming, like any skill, depends greatly on a number of different factors which include, age, confidence, natural ability, willingness to learn and the style of teaching. This means that the progresses would be at their own rate.

Our courses are usually 12 - 16 weeks, in line with the local area school term dates.

We run three terms a year Spring, summer and Autumn

Private lessons: for private lessons payments customers have the three options on how to pay. The first lesson if booked 7 days or more must be paid via your portal in the payment window, which can be found in your confirmation email at the bottom. If the payment window has elapsed must be paid for when booking or within 8 hours via your portal after that your booking will be secure and you can. 

1) Pay weekly to your teacher 

2) Pay up to half term via your portal 

3) Pay for term via your portal 

To pay via your portal.

1) Sign in

2) Press the menu in the top right hand corner

3) Click my bookings

4) View invoice

5) Scroll to the bottom and make a payment.

Group Lessons: when booking group lessons you will be advised if booking in advanced of the payment window (7 days) which can be found at the bottom of the confirmation email. If the time has elapsed you will need to make the payment on booking with in 4 hours otherwise your booking may be cancelled. With our group lessons payment is made in full in advance of the first lesson.

To pay via your portal.

1) Sign in

2) Press the menu in the top right hand corner

3) Click my bookings

4) View invoice

5) Scroll to the bottom and make a payment.

Facilities and Access

All our sites either have on site parking or on street parking, all free of charge.

Lesson Structure and Content

Generally we have up to 6 swimmers per teacher.

All our swim lessons are 30 minutes.

The children if you are having a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 private lesson they should be of a similar ability. If you arent sure please talk to us and we can advise

Yes we get in the water for all lessons up to stage 4 and private lessons if required.

We remain on the side for the higher ability pupils.

At DPD Coaching Services we work towards our own swim stages 1-10 Awards which are similar to the Swim England scheme. We also teach Distance Awards, Water Safety and Survival Awards and Water Skills Awards.

We maintain a varied, fun and engaging and challenging swimming programme!

Yes, we are one of the few swimming clubs to provide swimming classes for people with disabilities or special needs. These classes are carried out at all our venues normally in a private lesson.

All age pupils are welcome - from children to adults.

Special needs private lessons are tailored to the individual's needs and focused on what is achievable and on building from this very positive approach.

The benefits of swimming include improved strength and flexibility, enhanced muscular stamina, stronger cardio-vascular system and social skills. Our main aim is to build confidence and provide an environment where the pupil can feel independent through free movement in the water, which may not be achievable outside of the pool.

Through empathy, enthusiasm and understanding each individual will gain trust, creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and positive, promoting a feeling of well being, fun and enjoyment.

Equipment and Attire

  • Swim costume or trunks

  • Towel

  • A bag for your wet kit after

No, all swimmers are NOT required to wear a swimming hat.

If you would like your child to wear goggles, please buy ones with clear lenses. Dark lenses can be hard to see through when they get a bit steamed up and the swimmers need to be able to clearly see the teacher and the other swimmers.

Enrollment and Eligibility

Anyone can join a swimming lesson!

We will ensure your child is matched with a suitable stage class or private lesson.

Adults can also have private lessons so they can enjoy learning at a thier own pace.

Children over 8 years and adults must use their own gender changing room.

If your child is over 8 and needs assistance, please use the disabled changing rooms.

Our youngest swimmers are 2 years 6 months.

The parent would not expected to join in the pool so please make they are confident before booking.

Parental Involvement and Rules

Yes. All children should be accompanied by a parent/carer, who must stay at the venue for the duration of the lesson.

Group lessons missed due to illness or otherwise are 'lost' lessons.

Private lessons missed the terms are different per swim school, please refer to the terms and condtions for further details.

The swim school does not offer replacement lessons for non-attendance.

No, all our lessons are for the child and teacher only, on the rare occasion a parent may get in the water to assist settling a child but this would be at the teachers discretion.

We ask that you help maintain a clean pool environment and remove shoes when entering any pool building and no food to be consumed on poolside or in the changing rooms.

Please refrain from taking photos or videos of swimmers.

Please stay at the pool with your child(ren), in case we need to contact you at any point during the lesson or after.


Yes, every one of our pools we use have a viewing or seating area for parents.

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