dpd sports coaching services - swimming crash courses, swim schools, private swimming lessons, sussex, surrey, uk
dpd sports coaching services - swimming crash courses, swim schools, private swimming lessons, sussex, surrey, uk
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Our Swimming Crash Courses

Swimming crash courses are generally available twice a year at Easter and in the summer holidays. A crash course is where the pupils swim each day from Monday to Friday throughout the week. The course is designed to bring quick results from the pupils. Crash courses are normally run in the mornings and, depending on demand, there is usually one course available for each ability.

Crash Course Dates for 2021:

Seaford College, Duncton


Returning 2022


The Park Hotel, Chichester


Returning 2022


Returning 2022



For more information or to book call us on 01798 873077

We highly recommend the courses if your child is learning to swim or just trying to develop the stroke technique because with this five day course you will be amazed at how fast they can progress.

Example Schedule

DUCKLINGS 2.5yr upwards beginners
Introduction of basic pulling and kicking techniques, push and glides as well as work on front and back floatation and water confidence skills whilst maintaining an emphasis on safety and fun. Instructor is in the water.

SEALS (5 metres front and back)
Gentle transition from swimming with aids to swimming on own. Continuing water safety importance through fun. Breaststroke introduction.
Instructor is in the water.

ADVANCED SEALS (10 metres front and back)
Continuing to develop all aspects water safety and stroke technique.
Instructor is in the water.

DOLPHINS (20 metres+ Frontcrawl, Backcrawl, Breaststroke)
Coaching on how to become a stronger swimmer, with effective teaching points on all four strokes. Further emphasis of developing skills in deeper water e.g. t/w, sculling. To improve style, technique, and stamina and introduce more advanced water skills.
Instructor teaches from poolside.

Swim Workshop ( Adv Dolphins class to Adv Sharks )
This class will be working on stroke technique, Starts and turns and diving. The class will be good for those struggling with a specific stoke or starts and turns etc.
Instructor teaches from poolside.

For our next running crash courses email us today!

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